Yami Nightheart
Yami Nightheart - Refined Pencil
Full Name Yami Nightheart
Title Mysterious Girl
Race Dark Angel
Age 10
Faith Fire
Patron Solus
Residence Darkling City
Occupation Fortune Reader
Family Nightheart
Relatives Kiara Nightheart,

Kaltorin, Aura Nightheart

Physical attributes
Height 4 feet
Weight Rather light, 80-90 pounds
Hair Colour Black, with a purple tint to it
Eye colour Light lavender
Yami Nightheart is a Dark Angel girl that appears to be 10. She has black feathered angelic wings coming from her back, slightly purple hair, and soft lavender eyes. She is the adopted daughter of Kiara Nightheart. She usually wears some sort of dress or robe, and a black bow tied around her head. She typically has a curious look on her face and is known to act quite strange at times.


Yami was originally known as "The Mysterious Girl" as no one knew her name nor what or where she came from. Only one person was able to get through to her at first, and that person was Kiara, whom found her cowering on the gatehouse in Alfrodul. This was probably due to how similar the two are, atleast in appearance. Supposedly she was created by Rosalina Scarlet as the only success out of many failed attempts to "create" life. (Rosalina has pretty much let this notion go, however, ever since Yami was adopted by Kiara. She says that she created no one, and that it was the Patrons who allowed Yami to come to be.)

Ever since being adopted by Kiara, Yami has been living a happy and cheerful life, and has learned more about the world, though there have been a few bumps in the road, mostly involving someone nearly dying.