Xeios Elensar
Pencil-drawn sketch of Xeios Elensar
Full Name Xeios Elensar
Title Unknown
Race Elf
Age Born 5828AET
Faith Unknown
Patron Unknown
Residence Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Family Elensar
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Colour Unknown
Eye colour Unknown


Xeios Elensar was born on the Elen'dorian Isles in the year 5828AET, while it was ruled by the tyrannous High Elven council. He grew up in wealthy, and lived to the age of about 150 soli oblivious to the damaged world outside his home. Some decades later, when he was finally beginning to reach adulthood a revoloution began to overthrow the coulcil and rid the isles of their racism, by this time Xeios desprately wished to join in their efforts but was deemed too young, and could do not but train.


After a decade of relentless training and working, Xeios had earned enough money to leave his mother and his twin without his help, and joined the rebelion. The war raged for 50 soli, but they were successful, and the island was quickly restored under the leadership of Taliis Silverleaf.

Xeios has been known for many great expeditions, battles, and treasure hunts he's taken part in, but no detailed records have been kept on what happened, only close friends of him or fellow adventurers have heard his wild tales.