Prestige is a form of "metacurrency" used within Uthrandir. Unlike Gold Coins, Prestige has no physical representation, and is always carried by the player. 

Prestige is normally used for expanding villages and townships, gaining influence, or purchasing various other special upgrades not linked to a specific character (but rather the player, themselves). More recently, Prestige has also been used as a form of payment between players to purchase various non-physical goods, such as artwork, labor, and writings.


Prestige is gained through being active in Uthrandir, at a rate of 1 prestige per 10 minutes.

Prestige is also gained through Voting, at a rate of 15 prestige per vote. At max, a player can vote 5 times per day.

A player who votes 5 times and plays for four hours and ten minutes each day will gain 100 Prestige per day, not including Prestige gained from trading.


Using Prestige to purchase something while roleplaying can be tricky. As a general rule of thumb, when you buy using prestige, you are offering flattery, compliments, advice, tips, and etc. in place of gold coins.

Right: "Surely a fine gentleman such as yourself can allow a humble man such as me to be graced by your generosity in the form of one of your horses?" player gives other player 10 prestige.

Wrong: "I can physically hand you a currency called Prestige in return for your horse."