Damaethia is a term for the unkown land outside of Caerundel. Many claim to have travelled there, but none of these reports have been verified. Those who have attempted travelling there very seldom return, and if they do, never made it the whole way. Since then, many have come from said Damaethia, but are normally mistaken or mad.

The whole of Damaethia has never been fully charted, and is estimated to be roughly fifty times the size of Cearundal, by the estimate of all journals describing the landscape, and many of its inhabitants has yet to even be recorded.

Many people have come from Damaethia, from far and wide, they might not have came from a specific place, only whispers of their town or country has been told of, since many do not know and consider those that "know" of the towns and the area mad men. They have ranged from many different people, Ssalodians, Dravars, Dwarfs, Humans, Elves, you could have seen most likely each race on that single super contienent.