Baelorngar (also known simply as Bae) is one of the several different additional continents (or possibly even planes) that exist on Uthrandir. It is a medly of various different biomes in one island, with large amounts of raw, natural landscapes. It houses a much higher population of wildlife, and is also home to various monsters. Many may consider it to be a much more feral and wild land than that of Caerundal.




Baelorngar acts as a place where players can gather recources without causing permanent damage to the world. It is reset every three months to ensure plenty of resources (Although, at the time of writing this article, it has been more than three months since the last reset).

Players may visit Baelorngar to harvest resources at any time using /spawn , and then walking through the properly labled portal. Beware; unlike normal Uthrandir, monsters roam freely and it is not unlikely for you to die. It is advised that you only take items into Bae that you are prepared to lose.

However, also unlike normal Uthrandir, dying in this world does not necessarily mean your character has truly suffered death.